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Mexico 2008 – Start of it :)

Posted by Rishiray on January 2, 2008

Flight:  Toronto to Mexico City back to top
Your ticket purchase has not been confirmed by the airline. Please check back in 24 hours for ticket confirmation information.
Expedia.ca itinerary number: 122212687245
Airline ticket number(s): Check back in 24 hours
American Airlines confirmation code:  MWVIZC
Main contact:  Rishi Sankar
E-mail: naparima@hotmail.com

Home phone: 
(647)  297-4923

Traveller and cost summary
Rishi Sankar Adult American Airlines #F8262R4
Update Frequent Flyer number(s)
Taxes & Fees C$78.08
Booking Fee C$9.00
Total (MasterCard) C$449.08
Flight tickets will be charged to your credit card by the airline. Separate charges will appear for each ticket purchased. All other parts of your trip (including booking fees and insurance) will be charged by Expedia.ca.
Flight summary

Travelling to Mexico City
flight Mon 7 Jan 2008
3,486 km
(2,166 mi)
Duration: 5hr 30min 
AA American Airlines
Flight: 1553

3Economy/Coach Class ( 19F ), Food For Purchase, Boeing 737-800
flight Tue 8 Jan 2008
2,499 km
(1,553 mi)
Duration: 3hr 35min 

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