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Start of Day 3 in Cuernavaca…

Posted by Rishiray on January 10, 2008

Day 3 started with a tour to Cuernavaca and Taxco….
First thing is that while Cuernavaca is pronounced the way it looks, Taxco is pronounced “Tas-co”.. so it took me a couple minutes to get that down pat…it wasn’t as hard as Xochimilco, but you learn the rules quickly. Cuernavaca is a small little town really, but there are some stunning view of the two volancanoes to the east is Ixtaccihuatl and the to the southeast is Popocatepetl

There are many lovely haciendas around here due to the eternally nice weather, and of course Cuernavaca means “Land of Eternal Spring”. Since this was a shared tour, we went to three of the four “things to do” listed in the guidebook

  •  Robert Brady House :
    Firstly, was a tour of this very eclectic house set with about 1200 pieces of art. My thoughts about this house… this dude was eccentric but there were some really great pieces of art in here. No theme, though, he just collected lots of stuff and of course was filthy rich, so he didn’t really care what people thought 🙂

    The house is lovely and well maintained, but this dude had no kids and never married…. hmmm????

     He did have an eccentric style though as evidenced by his living room and bedroom.

    And an original Frida Kahlo self portrait… I don’t know but even in the movie with the unibrow…. I don’t know why people like this woman… seriously!

  • Cuernavaca Cathedral:
    The one thing you are struck with when you come to Mexico, is the depth of the Spanish influence. The Churches, fountains and promenades are so very European. The Cathedral here isn’t as ornate as others I have seen, but it was explained that this cathedral was built by the Franciscan Order and the Bishop here didnt believe in huge ornaments and decorations. In addition, the cathedral has two sections : one for Catholics and another for natives who were Christian but didn’t convert…. who said religion was fair eh?????


  • Jardin Borda:
    Gorgeous garden that commorates the life of Maximillian. There are lovely man made lakes and scenes depicting the union of Maximillian and his lover : La India Bonita. I didn’t really spend that much time in here.. since a garden is a garden, but my cameras seemed to be very temperamental at this point… don’t know why it was like that.. but the shots just didnt come out right.

    From there it was on to Taxco…… city of all the silver and jewellery around…..the number of shops selling Silver and jewellery would amaze me…. seriously…. I don’t know how anyone makes money in Taxco!


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