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Day something.. got into Palenque and heading to all sorts of falls….

Posted by Rishiray on January 11, 2008

Well getting into Villahermosa from Mexico City was kind of a trek, especially when these little airports are out of thw ay. This was a painless trek though, and my luggage came on time, unlike the episode in mexico city. So once I got my lugagge, I then had the task of finding a taxi to Palenque from Villahermosa, not getting ripped off in the process. The hotel has quoted 1200 pesos for the transfer… to which i polited told them on the phone to F@@$ themselves. When I got to the taxi depot, I saw that the price to Palenque was 1000 Pesos.. i resolved not to pay more than 800 pesos, and even then I knew this was too much, but not speaking Spanish, in a Spanish speaking country leaves you with slightly less bargaining power – after walking outside, I indeed found a taxi, with the help of his calculator and me going yes/no to his typing on the calculator, we met me my price after walking away twice.

The ride to Palenque was non eventful, but this was a 170 km ride though… for 800 pesos… man.. in Toronto, I would have needed a second mortgage to afford that ride. Lots of great jungle to pass through but eventually I got the hotel here in Palenque : Maya Tulipanes . This is looks like a decent enough hotel with a pool, no gym but thankfully very very reliable FREE Wi-Fi service. Hell the internet at the Sheraton in Mexico City cost me about 25% of the room there. Speaking of that, lemme go check how many SPG points they deducted for that 5 night stay there. Ok, so no real extra points gathered and no stays credited 😦 Anyway so the program for the next three days is as follows

13:00 HRS.
Arrival to the hotel (registration and lodging)
Welcoming cocktail
19:00 – 22:00 hrs
Dinner ( 1st night )
08:00 – 10:00 HRS
Breakfast at the hotel.
12:00 – 18:00 HRS
Tours: Misol-ha, and Agua Azul waterfalls.
Free evening (2nd. night)
06:00 – 19:30 HRS
Tours: Yaxchilan, and Bonampak Archaeological sites. Includes a 1:45 hrs boat-riding through the Usumacinta river, 01 lunch.
FREE EVENING (3rd. Night)
07:00 – 08:00 HRS
Breakfast at the hotel.
08:00 – 11:30 HRS
Transfer to the Archaeological site of Palenque.
13:00 HRS
Check out. End of the package

So after getting here to the hotel now at about 6pm or so… dinner was passable. The food definitely isn’t 5 star but the mexican stuff is pretty decent. So now off the to the pool for a swim and then some sleep, it’s been a long day getting here to the jungle, but the air is clean, the weather is warm and I’m ready for some waterfalls…..


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