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Oh Misol-Ha … lalalalalalalalalalala…..

Posted by Rishiray on January 14, 2008

Well got up this morning bright and early, headed to the gym in town after a swim. The gym was a quaint old thing, with lots of weights, but all rusty and what not – a real man’s gym, without the acoutrements of the modern gym and all. It was nice and I hit the workout hard… after grabbing some empanadas in town, got back to the hotel for about 11am and then it was off to the waterfalls.

Just like Trinidad, everything here operates on Mexican time but the thing is that my time here is of the essence, so I was getting a little antsy about the whole thing. Eventually the bus came for us and we were off to the falls. Getting from Palenque to Misol-Ha was about 20km.. but it took about 15 mins with the crazy driving these guys do around the bends and everything and I must say that when I got to the falls, the drop and the power in the DRY season was astounding. It is a gorgeous sunny day, so of course it causes all sorts of problems with flaring on your camera…



Now once you hike the 15 mins to the falls, there is a huge area to swim within the pool, but of course, since I’m travelling alone here, there wont be any of that. I’m a little disappointed not to be swimming in the pool but hey what can you do?? The nice thing is that within Misol-Ha, there is a clear path behind the falls and there are some caves at the top of the falls area, where there are even more falls through some caves, but as I have clearly learnt in Mexico…. I am claustrophobic!!!

The hike behind the falls offers some stunning drops of the water in front of you, but I am thankful I invested in the Merill hydro sandals before I came, since the footing was treacherous and everyone was slipping in front me, one dumbass girl tried walking in platforms and sprained her ankle quite badly… note to anyone, falls climbing isn’t a fashionable activity and nature doesn’t like being mocked.

Once you traverse behind the falls, there is a steep climb to caves at the top, where there is another waterfalls within the caves, but the view of the falls from this side is amazing 😉


Once you’re behind the falls and going up the climb


You get to the caves and once ur inside you can take another little tour, but for me, this was enough caves for me this trip, so I chose to look from the inside out…

Then it was back down, past the view and to the bus to head over to Agua Azul 🙂


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