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i love Caye Caulker…

Posted by Rishiray on January 22, 2008

So after a couple of days here travelling.. i was supposed to come to Caye Caulker for a couple hours… well lemme tell you.. the first thing was that I rented a golf cart here and was driving around the island. Holy shit… i have to get my license now… this driving thing is totally not overrated and im loving myself here… met a couple Canadian girls here… and a girl who was engaged to a Trini… well I tell you.. good times and all.. good people 😉

So as follows : Linda, Type A (Lorri) and Kristin

Me after 9 beers diving into the Split!

Me with no rear delts!

After a couple drinks ..Lorri (the one engaged to a Trini) and Lorri Type A, then ribs and jerk chicken at Sandbox!

anyway going to drink and have a good time.. be back in a while!!!

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  1. sorry u feel that way about the city. what we lack in infrastructure, we make up with charm and hospitality in our homes. also, the amount of time u spent doesn’t do ur stay justice…a good amount of fair time to sample all the culture centers is a month. abelize not only has tons of Chinese, but Taiwanese (we have an amazing relationship with their government), Korean, East Indian, Mennonite, Mayan, Garifuna/Carib, Mestizo, kreole, Spanish, African, etc.

    • rishiray said

      Well not everywhere can be paradise … but I do love everywhere in Belize … the coast is awesome 😀

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