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Night walking in Cancun….

Posted by Rishiray on January 26, 2008

Well long day getting from Cancun to Miami… almost missed the plane in typical style and all…. but of course in the end I got the plane but I lost a 100$ bottle of tequila because the flight attendants from Cancun didnt remind me to check the bottles in the luggage. Anyway now I am here in the plane and of course we’re completely delayed and all. So I guess I have time to refresh the last couple days of travel since I dont know how long I will actually be in this plane stopped here.

However, walking around Le Meredien was really nice and the moonlight made for some great pics 🙂

With the wind blowly strongly,  it made for some great photo effects 🙂




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  1. danking00 said

    I really like the photos. The serene, quiet nature of them really strikes me. I’m rather jealous, I wish I could go for a stroll along those beautiful scenes with no soul around, in the quiet company of myself.

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