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So in Trinidad.. we fete…latest fete was the Tribe Ignite Fete

Posted by Rishiray on January 31, 2008

So really when you get to Trinidad, there are a couple things we Trinis are amongst the World Experts in. Some advanced Trini topics would be

  • Liming / Feteing
  • Carnival
  • Wining
  • Food
  • Learning to drive without dying while going at 190 km/h on a potholed road

Anyways so after a long, long drive all day to Manzanilla Beach in bad weather, Sal and I decided to head over to the Tribe Ignite fete. Now a fete in Trinidad, involves a couple things

  • Live stage music : hence Machel Montano, Kees and the Band, and some other people who I dont really care about
  • Massive bars : By a bar we mean a bunch of tables separating the liquor from the patrons. NO martinis and fancy drinks but rather plastic cups with a liquor and some juice or soda, but lots of it.
  • Girls in questionable clothing : Anything short or too tight would be fine. In fact, there are some girls who do not understand the concepts of visibility vs invisibility. In their houses, they think that their 10 tons asses are invisible because they don’t see it, but outside in the lights and strobes, the ass becomes a force of gravity and black hole of eyesight physics! You want to look away but your eyes are pulled in with an unstoppable force of the universe!
  • Food : sometimes questionable and sometimes not, but no matter what, it is usually always tasty as hell and flavorful!
  • Posse : Meaning your crew of friends going to the fete. This of course was the usual : Richard, Beena, Sal, Me and everyone else!

So first strange thing tonight was seeing a Digicel girl walking around in a plastic bubble! Like seriously, in the hot sweltering weather, you see a girl slowly asphyxiating in a plastic bubble!


Next was walking around through the 10,000 person crowd and observing from the Heineken booth atop the stage provided some great vantage points!!

And some craziness by my compadres!! Of course, this is really before everyone got drunk and the usual shenanigans occurred!

The view of the stage from the ground level… through the standard Trini fete video … complete with performances onstage from Kees Diffenthaler and Machel Montano


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