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Leaving Niagara Falls and off to Atlanta…..for the week.

Posted by Rishiray on May 12, 2008

Well training it is today in Atlanta. Just here in the airport right now waiting on my plane. Had such a great weekend with the Paula and her sisters in Niagara Falls. Let see, highlights of the week so far,

  • Would be going out drinking 4 days in a row with the hermanas
  • Taking them on a 4 am city tour of Toronto
  • Drag Queen bar twice in 4 days, since they liked it so much
  • Swatow twice and Chinatown tour with them
  • Introducing them to Dim Sim for the first time
  • Meeting up Marin and her lovely children…they’re soooo cute
  • Ummmmm meeting Paula finally!

I wonder what Buckhead and Atlanta are going to hold for me this week? Buckhead is supposed to be one of the nicer places outside of Atlanta, since not much goes on in the city core, I have been told. Of course, staying at the Westin Buckhead should be nice…and I finally wrote my first hotel review for flyertalk – I figure I should have a nice inventory of all the hotels I run around too. Ack! Flight time!!!


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