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Wait!! I woke up this morning in Amalfi!? Seriously!!!!!

Posted by Rishiray on May 26, 2008

May 26th 2008

7.30am: Buono sera from the Amalfi Coast! I’m just having breakfast here on the amazing open area of our hotel overlooking the Amalfi Coast and beach. Coming here from Salerno last night, I happened to look over the view in the dark and this drive is stunning beyond belief. Even in the dark, a couple things came to mind

·         The ride from Salerno to Amalfi is about 1.5 hours

·         The sheer drops over the cliffs and looking over the water is breathtaking, even in the dark

·         I am now convinced that everyone who drives to Amalfi is a Ninja or has gone to Ninja Jedi car school, since the gaps between cars will be an inch or two sometimes passing, and when two buses can pass each on other on this road, then I know why Italy has good race drivers.

·         At 1.5 Euros for the one way ride – this is a frigging bargain if I ever saw one! Will post details on how to catch the Amalfi (SITA) bus from Salerno to Amalfi. I think It deserves its own little tutorial.

This morning, I’m trying to plan my day as we speak, of course Internet access is very spotty around these parts due to the geographic location and proximity, yet it doesn’t matter here. Of course, this is what I try to be early in the mornings





10.30am: Well after a short nap after breakfast and shooting pictures, we decided to take to go and do a cruise on the coast. Well it definitely was worth it… pictures to come!!!


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  1. Lev said

    Nice pic of you with Accenture laptop… support the firm, w00t!

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