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Leaving Venice now, and not a moment too soon!!

Posted by Rishiray on June 1, 2008

Hey girls…btw im staying here tonight… if you read this blog before you head to the airport….got a queen room for 46 Euros.. with the upgrade!

Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center

Viale Del Pattinaggio, 100
Rome, 00144
(39)(06) 54531


Anyway, too much heat, too much crowds, too much everything, too much noise.. too much!!!

Venice is always amazing but today with the crowds etc… it was just too much for me… I wanted to run the moment I saw the crowds this morning. Anyway, im hot, sweaty and tired, and looking forward to being in a great room tonight. Will write more from the room tonight, after I work out!!! OMG!! I miss the gym and lifting weights!! Seriously!!!


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