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Holy fuckballs!!! You cannot buy alcohol in Duty Free prior to going to Iceland!! WTF??!?

Posted by Rishiray on September 11, 2008

This is a complete revelation and utter dogshit!! What the hell??? What kinda stupid country says that if you are flying to Iceland, you cannot buy alcohol prior to getting into the country. Just to make sure that you have to buy alcohol at the exhorbitant prices in Iceland?!

What the hell?! I have never EVER heard of this type of limitation! Who the hell tells you that you cannot buy any liquor in duty free?? Seriously?!!? Good lord… I’m still in utter shock right now… it doesnt seem that there is any logic to this.. except to ass rape you when you get to Iceland! I’m so mad right now, it dashed my steel bottle plans!

ARRGGHGHGHGHGHHGGHGHHGGHH… man I seriously need to get liquored up on this plane ride. I hate the Icelanders soooo much right now… so much!!!! Oh yeah and I had a dumbass Guyanese counter clerk who tried to rip out my multiple entry I-94 and was saying it was procedure. Dotish Guyanese… I had to tell her how to do her job… then I had to call a supervisor .. who had to confirm what I was saying.

Dotish Guyanese…. can’t get anything right! Argghhhh I’m still just mad from the no alcohol thing!!!


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  1. Shannon said

    1st rule of travelling…if you want/expect things to be like they are at home, stay home.

    You will get through this massacre of justice and all that is right and good in the world, I’m sure of it.

    Enjoy Iceland.

  2. sonia said

    rass….watch it….how de a$$ you know she was guyanese?!
    and alcoholic…….lol..hahahaha….

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