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Saturday with Alexander Keith

Posted by Rishiray on November 22, 2008

So on Saturday afternoon, after our Blizzard nightmare on Friday night, we decided that we would do lunch and the Alexander Keith’s Brewery tour.

Our course I was told that I looked like a pirate… hence I was pointed to the sign!

I really enjoyed this tour! As I think one young lady said during the tour “let go of your burdens and really enjoy yourselves”. If you do this you will have a fantastic time on the tour. I think the whole point of this is to be unique and it is treated more like an experience rather than a tour, as if you are actually traveling back in time to meet Mr. Keith.
The actors really brought the history to life and the songs were great as was the beer, icy cold and straight out of a keg. The price was 15$ a person…. now as far as the price goes, how much is a beer in downtown Halifax? 5 dollars maybe six plus add cover charge where ever you are going? You get two beers on the tour so that’s $10 and the difference is not bad considering the quality entertainment and information was so great.

The tour really consisted of the Video, then seeing the Boilers

After that, we got serenaded and got to tasting of the beer. The beer was fresh and cold and refreshing!!

All in all…. quite a great tour…. and awesome food!!!!


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