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Since I live here now … I might as well take things slowly …

Posted by Rishiray on March 10, 2010

I can’t seem to escape Morocco. Everytime I plan to leave, there is some other gorgeous place that I have to visit and of course I don’t have unlimited vacation to travel the world, nor I am independently wealthy living off my parent’s trust fund.

I thought I would blog this afternoon about my lunch. Nothing fancy, just a platter of fried sea-everything for about 9$ CDN. Everything that I like in food, as well as bottled lemonade … why don’t they stop with the plastic and put all sodas in bottles?

All the prices on the board… divide those by 8 and you’ll get the Canadian equivalent. Now if I could give up my penchant for Wi-Fi based hotels, then I would be saving some serious money.

Just sunshine, fresh seafood and the white and blue of Asilah πŸ™‚


No Responses Yet to “Since I live here now … I might as well take things slowly …”

  1. kay sankar said

    u eating all that food..

  2. Vishal said

    Rish, you’re making me feel like i should be on vacation again….

  3. moh said

    hi rishi that is me from asilah remember me i am your friend from the 12 hour tour .i miss you buddy take care.if there s any thig let me know.

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