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Easter weekend camping in Balandra Bay

Posted by Rishiray on March 30, 2010


In all my time living in Trinidad, I’ve been to Toco beach once. Going with the guys camping to Balandra Bay is definitely one of the all time fun things to in Trinidad at Easter time. That being said, going to Balandra on Easter weekend tends to be a bit of a zoo, since everyone tends to have similar ideas for a long weekend in Trinidad. Any other time of the year or on a regular weekday, Balandra is practically a ghost town and I would definitely recommend a visit during the week day, instead of the weekend to have the beach practically all to yourself.

On the north-eastern coast, there are some other beaches and remote stretches of coast from Toco through Matelot and Matura (which are world famous for the Turtle watching in the Turtle nesting season) then on to Balandra and then Salybia. Most of the other beaches are a bit too rough for swimming. Near Toco Village, is the Galera Lighthouse which is located on a windy point above crashing waves.

Balandra is in north east Trinidad further along the Toco Main Road, after Sally Bay and Rincon Beach. Balandra Bay Road is on the southern side of the Toco Main Road and leads directly to the beach. The shoreline is gently sloping and backed by coconut, almond and sea grape trees.

Balandra isn’t the easiest beach for a family adventure, since the waters and currents in this area can be strong, however if you’re expecting real beach facilities and toilets, then you’re going to have to head to a bar or a restaurant in the area, since there are no toilet facilities at this beach.

Getting there :
Heading to Balandra Bay is pretty easy from Port of Spain, take the Eastern Main Road through Arima into Sangre Grande. Once you’re in “Sangree”, then you take the Toco Main Road through Matura and Salybia into Balandra. Expect some major traffic on the Easter weekend into Balandra.


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