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Sunsets at the Temple in the Sea

Posted by Rishiray on April 25, 2010


The “Temple in the Sea” is really a Hindu temple built on reclaimed land in Waterloo, Trinidad. In 1947 Siewdass Sadhu a devote Hindu built a temple near the seaside on land owned by sugar cane company Tate and Lyle. He was persecuted for trespassing and fined £100 or 14 days in jail. So what … the company didn’t approve of a temple on their land, so instead he went and built his temple just outside the companies land.

Today, the temple is a monument to the persistance and devotion of one simple Hindu man. Over the years, the sea reclaimed the original structure but local businessmen rebuilt the structure into what we see today.

He started working toward realizing his dream. His great fete was one of determination. He moved soil and land firstly by bucket and bicycle. After many years of difficult laboring, he managed a pathway 200m out into the gulf. It took him 25 years to build his temple.

Some called Siewdass mad at the time, but it’s not likely that those people realized how prolific his temple would become. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, and the Waterloo Temple in Trinidad is a fine example of human persistence.

From the other side of the temple, it’s just you and the Gulf of Paria and the fishing boats …


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