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What’s the cure for Doubles-itis??

Posted by Rishiray on April 25, 2010

Ok I seriously think I am going into Doubles shock now.

This is the third day in a row, that I’m gorging on this hot, oily chick pea – flour concotion slathered with Coriander(“Chadon Beni”) hot sauce, tamarind sweet chutney and mango kutchela. I think my blood is slowly turning into Chickpea sauce.

Now a new innovation I have discovered is the development of Doubles Automation and outsourcing. One would assume that IBM or Accenture came in here and showed some Powerpoint slides about the cost-benefit analysis of centralizing double production coupled with an revenue graph plotted by sales against time. So after our Saturday night out with the boys – my little brother took to me to the village of El Socorro to see the “Doubles factory”. I was impressed and appalled all the same time .. of course my stomach would have nothing of my brain and I proceed to have the following : 2 baiganis (Fried pies with eggplant in them with chickpeas and chutneys)

Then coupled that with 3 LARGE doubles with tons of hot sauce and chutneys

All within the confines of mass doubles production. Each cooler contains 500 “baras” and they scoop the chick pea mixture from this massive cauldron.

Finding this place is to know it. The location isn’t top secret, but it isn’t common knowledge as yet, but after  a couple Angostura 1824’s neat – getting your Doubles fix becomes mandatory.  I couldn’t find this place again, if my life depended on it, but thankfully after some liquor, my doubles auto pilot will kick in and it will all be great for steaming hot, fresh doubles.


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  1. Slodewijk said

    there isn’t any cure….either you love it or don’t….for very delicious food ,there’s no cure for it….only self control not to eat too much but you will always want more!

  2. […] to a little town called Debe (pronounced Day-bay) … and have one each of the following – “doubles”, “aloo pie”, “saheena”, “baiganie”, all with slight pepper and […]

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