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Tuesday Morning – Overrated!!! Sistine Chapel

Posted by Rishiray on February 22, 2011

As the travel log evolves, I get asked many questions:

  • What is the best travel experience
  • Where is the best place
  • What is the best food you’ve had
  • Where is … where is … what is ????

A new focus of the travel log will be the Tuesday Morning Overrated!! section. Every Tuesday, I’ll have a picture of the most overrated travel destination I’ve been to and why it is completely a waste of money to visit even once.

So you get to the Vatican City. You’re all hyped on Christian nonsense … you want to see everything Christian, especially since this is the seat of Catholicism : cancer or blessing – all depends on who you ask or can’t ask due to genocide and extermination.

Anyway, I was all hyped to see the Sistine Chapel. Here are all the reasons not to bother

  1. UNIMPRESSIVE i.e. Not impressive – unless you have super eyesight, an art history major or can tell the difference between a cow scratching vs Kandinsky
  2. You have tons of time to waste : we mainly went into the Vatican Museums to see the famous Sistine Chapel… I expected to be able to see a few things on the way and spend maybe an hour in the museums. Instead, I had to walk through the entire goddamn thing to get to the Sistine Chapel – every five minutes or so there was a sign “Sistine Chapel –>” , it was a god damn artistic tease.
  3. You like being herded like sheep : Self explanatory. You get there and guards push you around and push you out.
  4. You can’t take pictures : You have to be a ninja to take pictures. You know what, I spent my money, I came all this way, got herded like sheep, I’m sweaty and now your guards don’t allow photography?Seriously!! I understand, no flash photography. I understand it slows traffic down. If the case is preservation – then don’t charge people for it and don’t open the galleries.

    Look at a few typical pictures of the Sistine Chapel or the Mona Lisa, taken with perfect light and when the room is totally empty – now go and see for yourself and try to get impressed surrounded by a group of Chinese/Japanese  tourists shouting their comments, a group of American students telling themselves how “aaaaaawesome” all it is and Dutch families complaining that it’s not worth the entrance fee.

    Was all that worth it?


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