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Monday Morning Consultant – Montreal Hockey Edition

Posted by Rishiray on April 21, 2011

When flying back home, you never want a delay or a terrible connection unless you’re going to Montreal from Toronto during hockey playoff season. You get into the Air Canada lounge and everything seems to go right, if you’re a Montreal Canadiens fan in Toronto – since the Maple Leafs will never actually play in the playoffs in my lifetime. (Maybe! I’ll be living in Toronto to see a playoff win – Toronto might actually blow up)

Things that seem better :

  • The unlimited Harp’s lager seems colder
  • You actually get a soup that not minestrone – smoked turkey bisque
  • Your upgrade to first class comes through without waiting at the gate
  • You anticipate a loud night on Crescent St, if Montreal actually beats Boston
  • Boustan is looking more and more like your after drinking stop – what could be better?
  • Adding to my list of things to do in Montreal … shameless side link

And now overtime magic to come … hopefully Montreal can score before I get on this plane 🙂


(10 mins later … Boston scores in OT … bleck!!!)


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