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Monday Morning Consultant – Promos, Status and FourSquare – Part Deux

Posted by Rishiray on June 6, 2011

Like most commutes in the morning, there are only really two realities : really shitty or really good. This morning happened to be one of those dream commute mornings :

  • Traffic getting to the airport was awesome
  • Air Canada Super Elite line didn’t have any snarky agents (Then again, they are usually pretty good)
  • Short line up for US Customs
  • Totally polite US customs agent (They are almost never good … EVER!)
  • The scanner line was three people in .. it took 4 mins to clear the line
  • Total time from the house to Air Canada lounge – 41 mins.

Another reason for the good morning … so after making the hotel/mattress run in the month of May … I was rewarded with 7 free nights in any SPG resort ๐Ÿ™‚

This SPG promotion is AWESOME!! In addition to the 25,000 points I’ve accumulated this month, the foursquare promo offered has realised 16 set of bonus points for 250 pts each. (Link will only work from May to July 2011)

So basically 4000 pts for playing a phone game, which has evolved into somewhat of an addiction now, checking into all these places.

For most travellers, this will be quite the addictive game. Although, this weekend, I learned about Irish and Romany travellers through my big fat gypsy wedding … bleck! What a horrible show. I need to find a new word for travellers!


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  2. […] for weeks on end, moving and repacking bags every night in order to maxi. The goal was to use the “free nights” at extremely high end accommodations, using 6 nights at the Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort […]

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