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Monday Morning Consultant – Want to see worthless Super Elites? Fly from Toronto to Calgary on Monday mornings

Posted by Rishiray on November 14, 2011

For those who think that making Air Canada Super Elite status means something – you really need to fly on the Toronto to Calgary service on Monday mornings or the Calgary to Toronto service on Thursday evenings. You’ll really feel the special service then … when you see 13-22 Super Elites sitting in middle seats – because everyone and their dog has fucking status on this flight.

For all the flying this year … you would figure that I would be able to use all my eUpgrade credit to fly first class or business class all the way till the end of 2013.

Well folks … not on this piece of shit shuttle service. All those lovely eUpgrades that I have – will be completely worthless in 3 months. Will I be able to fly and use all these eUpgrades … not really, since I will have a new stack of eUpgrades to waste and not use again in 2012. That 126 credits is without the 30 on hold for flights that I won’t get upgraded on anyway!

So thanks Air Canada for a complete waste of fucking space service yet again. I wish I could never fly your Canadian service again, but thankfully the government has ensured that your stupid fucking monopoly on Canadian routes ensures your shitty fucking service forever!

So for those who think consulting is all fantastic and what not … try waking up at 4.30am to grab a 7am flight to then fight to avoid a middle seat stuck between a fat Asian and a smelly someone else … I mean seriously … a fat Asian??!? They even make those??


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  1. Matt Power1 said

    Oh puh-leze Sankar. I did the Toronto-Calgary route for 6 months straight as a SE without ever being upgraded once. You should consider yourself lucky that Alberta even lets you in their boarders 🙂

    • Rishi said

      Well I got upgraded the first two times, but sitting in middle seats… completely blows.
      I have to find some other way to get the upgrade!!

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