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Passing time at De Rock Beach Bar on Accra Beach in Barbados

Posted by Rishiray on February 15, 2012

Anytime I’m in Barbados for a quick one nighter, I’m always stopping in at De Rock Beach Bar in Bridgetown after walking down the boardwalk … just before sunset.

It’s at the end of the Hastings Boardwalk at Accra Beach. De Rock Beach Bar is a tiny little bar but she does serve up some food or more importantly will have someone bring over some food for you.

There are a couple of little beach shacks around the beach too like Miss P’s and Oasis Beach Bar

But I only head over to De Rock … Patricia and Earl are great and will introduce you to all the people, expect to meet friends here year after year and to meet up with your new friends all over the island and back home…you’ll have a drink and a laugh with people from all over the world. Patricia has been nominated for many awards from the Barbados Tourist Authority.


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