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Ultimate Lime 2012 : Hyatt Regency Trinidad … Yet another “Be Seen” fete

Posted by Rishiray on February 16, 2012

Well typical overpriced fete …but well organized, good food and definitely unlimited drinks down the line. Now the definition of “Liming” in Trinidad, is really where a bunch of friends or family gather for a nice little intimate time together.

This was definitely not a small lime, when you think of the definition …

One of things I really couldn’t give two shits about is the which “psuedo – celebrities” are flown in for these events. For the fetes I want to go to, I want to know how much champagne and scotch I can throw away to ensure that at least they didn’t make money on my head.

From last nights fete … my throwaway count was the following

5 bottles of Champagne
1 bottle of Malbec
1 bottle of Grey Goose

For those of you, who are going to criticize me for throwing away perfectly good alcohol … my first and only response will be … when you pay for “Be Seen” fete, I will attempt to extract my personal value at any cost.

I do care a lot about what I’m eating and there was definitely a good sampling of food there. All the local favorites were there from the WildMeat, Gyros, Corn Soup …

To “gourmet doubles” … yeah seriously … they attempted to give m a doubles with Channa, Goat, Pulled Pork and Shrimp … but you know what? It was actually quite tasty … surprisingly!

As for the bars and service … those were excellent. The service speed, level and drinks flowed like water and there was no cutting back on liquor. In fact, at most times, there was too much liquor poured into your glasses.

The music was good, but to be quite fair, I really wasn’t taking the music on – which is unfair, since they had many artistes on the stages : Black Stalin, Iwer, Ronnie McIntosh. However a fete in Trinidad is not a fete unless Machel comes on!

So all in all .. good time, good food, good liquor and I got my money’s worth … in tossing enough Champagne for a good face wash with some fresh dessert! I do think that could have offered a small map to find things … it took a while to explore things and find the high end stuff … and stupidly I lined up once for Grey Goose vodka … for 5 mins, when on the side bars, you didn’t have to line up at all … I won’t make that mistake again.


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