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Swim, see and photograph Magens Bay in St. Thomas …

Posted by Rishiray on April 2, 2012

There are very few places in the world where I actually think that a morning jog would be awesome, especially since this Trini does not do the “cardio ting”. That being said, I think if there was a stretch of beach that would inspire a run, it would be America’s finest and most reliable treadmill : Magens Bay. It’s a heart shaped, one mile stretch of gorgeous white sand, easy waves and picture perfect tourist brochure charm.


Everyone talks about Magens Bay, it’s kinda like how we talk about Maracas Bay, except that Magens Bay is prettier, less over run with tourists and doesn’t have tons of shacks selling stuff now.

As for Magens Bay, there is very little to explain that a couple pictures wouldn’t do a lot better. Thankfully, our local guy Kurt got us into the Bay area without paying (I’ll leave that to the Americans :D ) . The pictures show the view sweeping from right to left and as you can see, it’s pretty difficult to take a bad picture on this beach with the combination of white sand, turquoise waters and great foliage.

If walking the beach isn’t your thing … (I don’t know if that’s really possible) … you can also have some spectacular views from the mountaintop, which is a short drive uphill.

You can walk in free and you don’t have to buy any of the tourist crap that they have on offer. Additionally, you can feel free to ignore the “Banana Daiquiris” that they have on offer. Whether or not, this was where the Banana Daiquiri was invented, it’s like drinking a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel … completely touristy and overrated.

Mountaintop was completely rebuilt after it burned to the ground, and the all new structure is definitely an improvement … there was a local story about the owners actually setting it on fire because they were losing money with the old arrangement of sharing the location with other people, but this is all rumor and hasn’t been proven – just a curious rumor.

As for the view, you can see many of the surrounding islands and is just breathtaking. You’ll have to take a taxi, since it’s much too far from the cruise ship docks to even consider hiking.


If you feel like skipping the Mountaintop, then you can get the same view just a little further up the hill and around the corner …


However the trip on the beaten path to Magens Bay is still completely worth it, no matter how much of a cliche it is, it’s still a must see when you’re in St. Thomas, tell them Rishi sent you.


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