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La Sagrada Familia …you’re still a piece of artistic crap

Posted by Rishiray on July 21, 2012

Well you would figure after visiting this thing for the 4th time, I would start to be sufficiently impressed. Nope! I’m always impressed by the sheer scale and size of this colossal art abortion, but nevertheless it is and will always remain to me … an abortion of art. However, I’m always laughing at the signs in there … and one should really pay attention to them. This sign is clear to me …

This sign is a little bit unclear to me … what does it mean?Maybe you dear readers can tell me what it’s supposed to mean.

  • No gays allowed?
  • No improper dress allowed?
  • No man with a cross dresser allowed?
  • No bikinis allowed?

But back to the sheer scope of the thing … the front as usual looks like something if Christ met the Alien from H.R Giger’s nightmare’s … it looks like something out of a bad movie.

However one can admit that the inside with all the pomp and spectacle is quite beautiful, even though it almost has nothing to do with the outside of the damn thing. Again the size and scale become a lot more evident once you’re on the inside of the thing. Math professors must have nuclear brain meltdown with all the geometry and patterns inside the church.

The detail in the ceiling is extraordinary though … with all the patterns and symmetry.

With all the stained glass within the church, there are all these examples of Chiaroscuros … yep I used the word in a sentence. Boom! Don’t speak Italian … neither do I … but here are other examples of Chiaroscuros in my photography.

It’s also impossible not to go photo mad inside the church. Every element inside it is different yet traditionally Gaudi. Down to the stairs and columns surrounding everything.

However like it or hate it, it definitely stimulates conversation and isn’t that the point of any piece of art?

Finally here is my overall video tour of the inside …



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