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Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua … play by play in pictures

Posted by Rishiray on December 30, 2012

Volcano Boarding? Yeah … it’s a thing and it’s awesome.  Actually, sliding down the black gravel rocks of Cerro Negro, maybe not the best idea but how can you beat the adrenaline rush of volcano boarding down Cerro Negro, the black volcanic hill.

Where To Go Volcano Boarding

Leon, Nicaragua is yet another city on the infamous Gringo Trail but one with a unique attraction, Volcano Boarding! The best way to do this is to fly to Managua and then take an hour bus ride to Leon


What To Bring and Not To Bring For Volcano Boarding

As you can see from the video, unless you want to lose toenails, closed toed shoes are essential. Other good things to bring include water and  sunglasses. Since you have to volcano board down with everything you bring up, if you have two cameras, then it’s a good idea to give one camera to your guides and then take one up. This was how I was able to have awesome pictures and a decent video of my own. If I do this again, then I would totally have one of those GoPro cameras.

Is Hiking The Volcano hard?

I hiked the volcano in less than an hour and it’s not dangerous … although you really need some good footwear, else slipping on the volcanic rock would leave a nasty burn or gash on your legs/hands. On a danger scale between 1 to 10, it’s about a 4; on a difficulty level, it’s about a 6. The hike is made a bit harder by the fact that you have to haul a 14 pound board with you and it gets windy as you get to the top. I was in horrible cardio shape and I did it fine, so anyone can do it, without too much pain.

Do you have a video of it?

Of course, I have a video of my fat ass sliding a volcano.

Here is the safety briefing


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  1. […] to write about in addition to churches in Leon! As an update : it’s now off my list : http://www.rishiray.com/volcano-boarding-in-nicaragua-play-by-play-in-pictures/. If you want to volcano board Cerro Negro contact either Big Foot Nicaragua, Tierra Tours or Va […]

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