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Ask a Trini : What would a Monopoly Trinidad edition look like?

Posted by Rishiray on May 10, 2013

My friend Srinivas and I were having a conversation about things to do in Nigeria, and I remembered that they’ve brought a version of the game with Lagos, Nigeria being the center. This got us to think about a Monopoly Trinidad edition of the game … and how it would make sense in Trinidad.

Here are some Trinidad specific rule changes to make it culturally relevant.

  1. The car token would have to be changed to a Nissan 280C or a Toyota Super Saloon
  2. We will introduce a token called the “Wrecker” – since someone has to operate the Free Parking square.
  3. In free parking, there is a guy asking “what do yo have for me” and you have to throw the dice and pay him 10x the amount on the dice
  4. Players have to be either Trinis or Expats
  5. Trinis can also kidnap the richest expat player on the board
  6. Expats will start the game with 25 times more money than Trinis
  7. A Trini can only move around the board, 3 times slower than the expat
  8. Renovations on the chance card are to be done with beach sand only, hence your hotel will disappear off the board in 6 turns
  9. You’re allowed to sell properties that don’t belong to you when you land on them, regardless whether you own it or not.
  10. GO! will be changed to “Busy Corner”
  11. There will only be Free Parking, if you’re playing after midnight.
  12. The two cheapest properties will be Laventille Square and Sealots Avenue, while the most expensive properties will be Moka Heights and Westmoorings
  13. When you land on an unoccupied property you can squat on it, by putting a building on it and pay no rent to the owners.
  14. If you have a car token, you can also go the opposite way on the board.
  15. The banker could lend unlimited money while rent and property values can increase every 4 turns.
  16. Chance and Community Chest cards could be in the form of
    • You walked into Debe,  you have malaria, pay the hospital $2000
    • Pay Poor Tax: $1200
    • Your child is going to Naparima College, pay School Tax: $2000 unless you’re an expat
    • We would eliminate the Street Repairs card, since everyone knows that streets don’t get repaired in Trinidad
    • We would change “Your Xmas Fund Matures: Collect $100” to “Yuh get the last Sou Sou hand … collect $5000
    • You have won second prize in a beauty contest, collect $10 for your sex tape, since the Chinee gyul get the other money
    • Advance Token to the Nearest Maxi Taxi stand (2x)
    • Advance Token to the WASA or TTEC
    • Elected Chairman of the ANSA McAL: Pay Each Player $5000
    • Advance token to the nearest utility. If unowned you may buy it from FCB. If owned, throw dice, kidnap owner and they will pay you a total ten times the amount thrown.

What are some rule changes to a Trinidad version of Monopoly that you would make?


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