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Wining at a Trini wedding … and more videos

Posted by Rishiray on June 28, 2013

Over the years, I’ve take a lot of videos. I would say that my videos are pretty horrible, since I have no sense of cinematography whatsoever. It’s almost as though I’ve been shooting my video in the same manner in which I shoot my photos … but they’re obviously two very different things. I’ve never really expected anyone to see my videos … so I’m always surprised at comments on my YouTube channel.
For instance … this video of random women wining at my brother’s wedding got a lot of hits … now 40000 views isn’t Justin Bieber-ish, but it’s surprising for a random travel video of a Trini wedding.
My video of Captain Crazy in 9 Miles in Jamaica has also gotten a lot of hits – his laugh always brings a smile to my face. He is a fixture at Bob Marley’s home with his charm and huge ass spliff!
Then a video in Phuket, Thailand of random girls in a bar … I wonder why that would be popular?
Surprisingly a video of Diane playing with warm pitch at the Pitch Lake in La Brea, Trinidad was surprisingly popular. Who would have thought it?
And finally here is some Nylon Pool water for you

If you’re feeling like stalking random travel videos … feel free to wander through my youtube channel. You can see that I’m clearly too lazy to edit these things …:P


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