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Wednesday Photo Nights #17 : Wedding Messages in Antigua, Guatemala

Posted by Rishiray on July 26, 2013

I love long frame photography. There is something to be said for those effects that you get when you open the lens and let nature and light do their things! As part of the wedding week, we wanted to do some wedding messages in Antigua hence we lit up some Chinese Paper Lanterns and sent them off to the sky. Getting these puppies in the air, isn’t as easy as you think, especially if there is a lot of wind!

Things didn’t necessarily go to plan, as you can tell from the lantern that fell to the floor and imploded. When these things go up in flames, they definitely … go up in flames!!

However, things do go right and you get to make your wishes on those floating lanterns. I also love starlight photography!! When you open the shutter, you can always get some inventive and funny creations!

Our spelling seemed to have taken a turn for the worse … and the drawings got progressively funnier and a bit pornographic!!

Have you done any travel open shutter photography? Would love to see your examples!!!


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