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Wednesday Photo Nights #21 : Meet and Greet at Fridas in Antigua

Posted by Rishiray on August 17, 2013

As part of the wedding week, we did our second Meet and Greet at Fridas, which is a very popular bar on Arc Street in Antigua. If you’re going drinking in Antigua, it’s almost inevitable that one night will be dedicated to eating or drinking on Arc Street … it’s Antigua’s most touristy strip. It’s also where you go for New Years to see the lights change … it’s their version of the ball dropping in Times Square.

we had

The agenda at Fridas included a basic meet and greet for the late comers … as many people had been with us as far as a week before in Panajachel. It was basically drinking, plus a Salsa dancing lesson and then more drinking.

We provided polaroid cameras to our friends to snap candids during the upcoming days. It was definitely a winning idea.

People shots time … you don’t have to know everyone, but I chose the shots that told a story 😀

More love around 😀

My dad … da boss!!!

Drinking Tequila will involve a lime shot!

I don’t even want to know assume about this shot!

Hey .. you know what I’m talking about …

The shot box grew as the night went on …

Majosita being surprised at some saucy question … I’m sure!

Like who says that … really? Yeah right ….

Now that’s what I’m talking about … BOOM!

It’s Salsa lesson time!

Gotta love Dancing Dave 😀

Yeah I’m Derek Zoolander … this is Guatemalan Steel!

Of course … 2.0 with 1.0 …

Love it … Amanda’s killing it on the dancefloor!

More Majosita … loving la vida loca

Hmmmm …

As a venue, Fridas was fantastic and very fair. The manager was extremely accommodating as they allowed us to book the entire second floor for our event and the total cost for the salsa instructor, venue, drinks and food was less than 700$ for 50 people which is extremely reasonable. Our guests didn’t even finish the food provided and the manager offered extra drinks to compensate for not finishing the food, which was very fair and more importantly showed really good customer awareness.
If you’re looking to host an event in Antigua, I would really recommend Fridas – they’ve been consistent after 5 visits … decent food, great customer service, extremely accommodating and centrally located. You can also get a very decent Sangrita to go with your Tequila!
Here’s their contact information:


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