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Toronto to Bahrain … Mileage Running from a Trini perspective

Posted by Rishiray on October 28, 2013

If you ask most Trinidadians about Bahrain … they’re probably going to tell you that, we beat them in a World Cup decider 1-0 to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. This is the most famous goal in Trinidad’s football history.

That being said … most Trinis will know nothing else of this tiny Arab nation. Until I found a ridiculous mileage run from New Brunswick, I never actually thought I would be heading to Bahrain … but since I’m going there, I will be taking a picture with a Trini flag over there. As with any decent place, there should be a million things I could do, but I’ve distilled these down to about 10 things, since I’m going to be there for 23 hours. I was also thinking about going to Saudi Arabia for the day … one just needs to cross the King Fahd bridge like going from Canada to the US via the Rainbow Bridge. Anyway … here’s my primer for Toronto to Bahrain (with a start and finish in Moncton)

[mappress mapid=”104″]
As we’re chatting about visas and getting from one country to another … here is my flight plan for the epic mileage run I’ll be doing to get to Bahrain.
As part of a mileage run … you’re looking for a great CPM (Cost per Mile) … anything under 3 cents is great … when you get a CPM of <1 cent, then you’re doing phenomenally! For this mileage run, I ended up with a CPM = .38

Itemized Mileage Calculation
Leg Flight
Moncton Airport — Toronto International Airport
752 188 188 752 1880
Toronto International Airport — Los Angeles
2175 544 544 2175 5438
Los Angeles — George Bush Intercontinental Airport
1379 345 345 1379 3448
George Bush Intercontinental Airport — Frankfurt
5232 1308 1308 5232 13080
Frankfurt — Doha Airport
2853 713 713 2853 7132
Doha Airport — Bahrain
500 (91) 125 125 500 1250
Bahrain — Kuwait International Airport
500 (261) 125 125 500 1250
Kuwait International Airport — Washington Dulles
6574 1644 1644 6574 16436
Washington Dulles — Los Angeles
2288 572 572 2288 5720
Los Angeles — Toronto International Airport
2175 544 544 2175 5438
Toronto International Airport — Moncton Airport
752 188 188 752 1880
Credit Card Miles 202
Trip Total (O/W) 25180 (24532) 6296 6296 25180 63154

Here’s the CPM calculation

Mileage Summary
Flight Miles 25180 (24532) 50360 (49064)
Booking Class Bonus 6296 12592
Elite Status Bonus 6296 12592
Promotion Bonus 25180 50360
Credit Card Miles 202 202
Trip Total 63154 126106
Cents per Mile (cpm) 0.32 0.16


  • Can I apply for a visa at the airport
    • Yes, you can apply for one at the airport
  • Can I apply for a visa online or electronically?

I remember living in Trinidad, that a mileage run was going from Chaguanas to Toco … that took a while … in fact, I think that going from Icacos to Toco during daytime hours would end up taking about 4 – 5 hours, which is almost how long it takes to fly from Toronto to San Francisco. Thoughts Trini Travellers? Would love to hear back from you.


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