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Antarctica Financial Planning

Posted by Rishiray on October 30, 2013

Going to Antarctica is one of the top bucket list items on any travellers agenda. This is with good reason because :

  • It’s one of most remote places in the world
  • It’s cold, dark and generally inhospitable
  • Sailing the Drake Passage is tantamount to a 3 day cruise on a roller coaster
  • It also costs a small fortune to get there, hence why it is only visited by roughly 40,000 people a year

As I’m in the final stages of my Antarctica financial planning … a couple readers and Facebook Fans have asked me how much I’ve spent on the trip so far. I can’t lie … this is definitely going to be the most expensive trip I’ve ever taken. In fact, for how much this trip is costing, I could actually spend 3 months in Asia living in relative luxury. Here is my cost breakdown to date … by the end of the trip, I will have my workbook completely available.

All figures are in Canadian Dollars … so stand back and be blown away
antarctica budget

I appreciate that this could have been much more expensive, if I didn’t have tons of Aeroplan miles and Air Canada Super Elite status to leverage in making the flights more comfortable and convenient. This is a rough starting guide for illustrative purposes only … some people will be able to find things a little cheaper but I don’t have unlimited time, hence I can’t wait around looking for a last minute trip possibility. I’ve also spent additional money in ensuring that I have the extra camera gear required for a trip like this.

Here are some other cost points … if you’re thinking about other trips to Antarctica, here are some price points in USD to help with your Antarctica Financial Planning. Now, if you’re completely against planning your trip, you could always travel like a billionaire.

Cruises to Antarctica: from $3,600

  • Basic Cruise (9-12 days) – $3600 – $9000
  • Mountains, Icebergs & Glaciers (11-16 days) – $9000 – 16,000
  • Falklands & South Georgia (15-21 days) – $10,000 – 23,000
  • Great Explorers Trip (25-29 days) – $12,000 – 35,000

Flights to Antarctica: from $6,995

  • Fly/Cruise Combinations (7-10 days) – $6,995 – 14,995
  • Fly Options (1 day) – $18,000 – 23,000

Expedition Options: from $40,000

  • Climb Mount Vinson (13 days) – $40,000
  • Fly/Camp at South Pole (7 days) – $45,000
  • Ice Marathon (5 days) – $Call
  • Ski Last Degree (13 days) – $60,000

2 Responses to “Antarctica Financial Planning”

  1. david m said

    If you have the time to bum around Ushuaia in October/November, you can potentially get last minute deals from companies that have had cancellations. Last minute spots usually sell at quite a discount for $3000-5000, depending on the length of the trip, etc.

    • rishiray said

      Hey David …
      It’s all about time to burn … when you’re on a schedule … or have certain vacation openings … then it becomes quite difficult. I do agree though .. if you can wait them out … you can always find a deal.

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