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7 reasons I love Niagara Falls in the Winter

Posted by Rishiray on November 30, 2013

Niagara Falls is one of my favorite places in the world to relax. This sounds counter intuitive because it’s so busy, but I love it because of all the “newness” and energy around. As cliche as it is … any of the great 5 waterfalls in the world, will create excitement. There is something about the power of the water that just draws you to it. Obviously, there are a lot of people who are drawn to the water, because in summer … Niagara Falls is simply terrible.

It’s a cluster bomb of nonsense, traffic and humanity. Oh … the humanity! Every cultural cliche and stereotype can be found in Niagara Falls in the summer. However in winter, it’s an semi-abandoned paradise. Here’s 7 reasons I love Niagara Falls in the Winter:

  1. I can always get one of the best room in Niagara Falls for a song. The Sheraton on the Falls is my favorite because of the views. The rooms are so heavily discounted and you can always get an amazing upgrade if you have status with the hotels.

    Shaky night exposure of Niagara Falls

    Another shaky night exposure without tripod

    This 2 floor penthouse suite cost me $75 a night! In summer, this room goes for about 600$


    The morning glory view

  2. There is no one there … seriously. In the early mornings, you could walk into the building, unimpeded by anyone. Everyone is so polite, I feel bad sometimes that I walk into random buildings.

    No one around at 9am … in Summer… you can’t move here

    Ah love it!

    Even the streets are empty by the American Falls view

  3. The photography is gorgeous … have the pictures so far given you any ideas?

  4. You can get up close and personal with the falls … so close that you could fall in.

    I was 6 ft away from the water’s edge

    Make sure and protect your gear from the spray


    Damn that solar flare!!

  5. There are so many promotions … we booked a promotion night that offer 300$ worth of stuff for $168.
  6. Winter lights … there are so many lighting exhibits going on. I’ll have to take some pictures … I spend too much time enjoying it!
  7. It’s one of the greatest waterfalls on the planet … I mention I love waterfalls … in Iceland, tiny ones in Trinidad, hiking to one in Costa Rica, blown away by Iguazu Falls in Argentina/Brazil, rafting into one in the Philippines, multi-staging in Misol-ha, Mexico. I’m pretty you get the idea.

As for you … where is your favorite waterfall? How many have you been to? Feel free to let me know or drop a comment! For now … I’ll part with the power of Niagara Falls via my crappy video



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