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The Fremont Street Experience is always that … an experience!

Posted by Rishiray on December 23, 2013

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that Fremont Street is my favorite part of Vegas. It’s completely tacky and campy … and has that old school feel to it. The Vegas Strip is completely sanitized and all corporate … while nothing is wrong with that, sometimes you want something different. The “Fremont Street Experience” is exactly that … an experience.

The lights go out and the show starts!

The creation of the Fremont Street experience has always been a case study in urban renewal for me. The installation of the show was definitely ambitious display of creative genius. The technical and logistical wizardry that enabled the lighting of the entire block along with the coordination of traffic lights to enable people to enjoy the show is also just awesome.

You can’t help but love the lights and glitz

Now this is old school!!

Here’s Christian Delpech doing his thing at D Bar. Nothing like having your drink chilled and stirred by a world champion bartender.

He’s a world champion bartender! http://www.christiandelpech.com/post.php?id=29

Tons of flavours of sugary nonsense .. but yet so good with alcohol!

More sugary concoctions at the D Bar!

After drinking more sugary concoctions at D Bar … btw NEVER buy extra shot at this bar. It’s 5$ a shot … I almost shit myself when the server told me this … so I promptly went 30 ft down the street to buy a 750ml bottle of Smirnoff for $19.00. Save yourself some cash … the extra shot should always be $1 else walk and buy your own extra shots via a bottle.

Walk down the street to get your bottle!


Finally some drinks!

Who doesn’t love loose slots?



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