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Why I love Meson Panza Verde … Part 2 and 3

Posted by Rishiray on August 11, 2013

Avid readers of my blog have sent notes/tweets about my review of Meson Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s the place that made me decide that I should have my wedding in Antigua, Guatemala. Well that and I wanted Ignacio Boreli to play salsa and meringue at my wedding. We ended up taking the entire family … hers/mine to have them experience it … for the photography buffs … I didn’t change the White Balance on my camera, since I liked the red tint to the pictures.

Even our parents liked the romantic atmosphere … in Trinidad, there aren’t enough places like this. In fact, I can’t think of one classically romantic place to have dinner, music and atmosphere in Trinidad, which is kinda sad … I’m sure there is, but I just can’t think of a place that springs to mind … maybe having dinner, while listening to David Rudder live under the trees at the Hotel Normandie

As for the food and music …

If you are going to propose or want a special touch to your dinner … they’ll even put flowers/rose petals to help hook you up.

Here’s another little video of Ignacio playing on Thursdays …
After dinner, you can have a romantic stroll past San Jose el Viejo … although from my video, you couldn’t tell that it was romantic.

San Jose el Viejo from my crappy BB10


So reason #5467 to have your wedding in Antigua, Guatemala : Family dinner at Meson Panza Verde.


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Epic romance at Meson Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala [Meson Panza Verde review]

Posted by Rishiray on July 14, 2012

I’m the first one to admit that I’m not the romantic person in the world, so when I actually find a place that knocks it out of the park, then I have to spread the word. Antigua, Guatemala is a very pretty and really romantic little town all by itself, but Panza Verde seriously ups the ante. As a hotel, it’s pretty awesome – we booked room #7 above the restaurant and it was a fantastic colonial style room. It’s to the left of the main entrance to “La Cueva”, up a flight of stone stairs. The French doors open onto a private patio overlooking a Zen Courtyard, with views of Volcan Agua. Here is the view from our private terrace, just above the restaurant – which is very, very convenient!

The shaky room video will at least give you an idea of what you’re going to get while you’re there. I personally think it is one of the most worthwhile hotels I’ve ever been in, just for the overall setting, convenience and space that you get for an overall romantic weekend experience.


Here is the kicker, even though the room was great, what sets the hotel apart from most places is the restaurant (Meson Panza Verde) which is easily one of the most romantic I’ve been to in the world! The whole place oozes with atmosphere and definitely sets the tone for any wooing you’re going to do that night 🙂 The entire dining room was open to us at 7pm on a Thursday …

Yep you saw a splash of blue in the top picture, which comes from the azure lap pool next to the tables.

That being said for the tables by the pool … the best seat in the house is the little table for two with a completely unrestricted view of the tiny stage for Ignacio and his trio.  A couple thoughts at this point …

  • If you come for the hotel, you’ll be impressed.
  • If you get room 7 above the restaurant, so you can stroll downstairs for dinner … you’ll be happier.
  • The food and service itself are fantastic … I recommend their Thai dishes and a well done Ribeye
  • Finally, if you get table 1  with Ignacio Perez Borell on a Thursday (He only plays on Thursday!) … it’s pretty much a home run!

Senor Ignacio, whose father was an original member of the Buena Vista Social Club, began playing with them at the age of six.  It’s like watching living history. As the music began and not only was Ignacio’s voice and work on the congas hypnotic but his flutist and pianist were also pretty fantastic as well. Here is a clip from the night and I have three more videos on my YouTube Channel.


If you’re looking a ridiculous high value location with a low overall cost, then I highly recommend your next proposal be done here! And no … there was no proposal from me on this night 😛

Overall Price Notes

  • Dinner for two : 170$ with tax and propina
    • 2 Appetizers : Scallop Asian Salad and Asparagus Milanesa w/ Prosciutto
    • 2 Entrees : Thai Plate and Rib Eye Steak
    • 7 Belvederes & Soda
    • 1 bottle Napa – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Hotel Cost
    • 175$ per night for a Master Suite

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