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Wednesday Photo Nights #22 : Wedding Reception in Convento de las Capuchinas – Table Settings

Posted by Rishiray on August 21, 2013

As the second part of the our wedding celebrations, we had our guests move from San Jose el Viejo and had the Wedding Reception in Convento de las Capuchinas. The Church and Convent of Capuchinas is a notable convent and church in Antigua, Guatemala. It is one of the finest examples of an 18th-century convent in Guatemala. The venue is an absolutely spectacular place to hold a great party.
In putting on an epic wedding celebration, there are so many moving parts to consider … but women seem to love the small details in combination with the larger details like venue. For this photo post, I’ll focus on the venue and table settings. There was so much detail put into the venue and the tables to make this a special experience for our guests. We wanted to create a luxuriant yet creative space that encompassed our personalization and taste.
For instance, there were many small items that we put our logo or our titles on or props that we gave to our guests, to allow them to have as an interactive experience as they could have at our wedding.

We gave our guests … crayons for their antique paper setting … Andria Hinton was a bit over creative!! 😀

We gave our guests tons of props to make their own experiences too. Thanks for the pic Andria Hinton

Lovely guest photography by Andria Hinton

Raw Ice Sculpture photo by Srini Teelucksingh

The crayon container for the guests with some drawings by Amanda King 😀

Another ice sculpture photo … this time by Shannon Berseth!

Personalized handstamped napkins with our logo … by Shannon Berseth

Another table layout by Shannon Berseth. Each heart was hand stamped with our guest’s name.

The hand made program and custom tissue packages … all made by Diane

Our program fan … handmade by Diane .. photo by Daren Ramsaroop

Another table layout … this time by Daren Ramsaroop

In layering all the personalizations, nothing works if the venue isn’t set up properly. Our designer/decoration Mario did an amazing job in making the vision and lighting work together to bring together all the elements and incorporate it into the venue.


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Foodie Porn … Wedding Tastings in Antigua Guatemala

Posted by Rishiray on August 16, 2013

Prepping for a wedding is just a steaming, stinking pile of stress. When one plans a ridiculous one week adventure wedding in a different country, you’re going to run into a lot of issues that require resolution. Combine this with someone who is ridiculously particular about his food and this generally leads to some type of disaster.

If you think disaster will come, then it surely will come … as the chef that I chose to cook for our wedding quit the restaurant that I had settled on. That being said, we went through many tastings over the last 4 times in Guatemala … and yet another reason to choose Antigua for your wedding … would be that you can find epic cuisine for relatively cheap prices compared to what you would pay in North America or Trinidad. In fact, I have to now rank Trinidad as a lower value for money food destination than many other places … we can find very good street food and local food, but if you’re looking for a gastronomic experience in Trinidad, prepare to spend a lot of money.

Here’s some of the highlights/lowlights from our wedding tastings in Antigua Guatemala …

My artsy latte cost the equivalent of 1.30$ USD

My flaming love shot … complete with double espresso, mezcal and chocolate

Mini Caprese Salad appetizers … with Ceviche spoons!

Pepian Pumpkin Seed Tenderloin

Ceviche shots with Teriyaki Lomo and Fried Mozarella Balls

Deconstructed Tortilla with edible flowers

Ceviche Shrimp Cocktail

Sample appetizer plate … summer salad, green gazpacho soup, Fusilli salad and mini Caprese tower

Don’t try layering micro slices like this at home …

Fried Potato Pear anyone?

Pumpkin seed tortilla chip with Guacamole, Asparagus and Bacon Aioli

How about some Pomegranate Gelato along with Mint Basil Lemonade Gelato

Yet another version of the Ceviche Shot

Proscuitto, Croque sampler

Goat cheese and frijole tostadas!

Obviously we couldn’t serve this at the wedding!

Guatemalan sampler plate … this wasn’t a huge hit with me .. hence this vendor got the axe!

Tasty but definitely uninspired Guatemalan fare!

I wanted to serve Absinthe shots … but then I thought flaming alcohol and drunk people … potential disaster!

Minicake tastings … meh!

First tasting disaster at Camino Real!

Teriyaki fish, Basmati rice and chicken … uninspired!

Reason 7182 for holding your wedding in Antigua, Guatemala … even after many tastings

Phenomenal food, phenomenal service for much less than what you expect!

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Wednesday Photo Nights #20 : Ceremony at San Jose el Viejo, Guatemala

Posted by Rishiray on August 15, 2013

Here continues the photo blog for our wedding … I thought I was being a bit self indulgent with my pre-ceremony posting, but I’ve gotten so many positive notes and comments from my readers, so I’m just going with it. It also helps to have some great pictures to post … so here is part 1 of our ceremony at San Jose el Viejo in Antigua,  Guatemala.

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Wednesday Photo Nights #19 : Pre-Ceremony at San Jose el Viejo, Guatemala

Posted by Rishiray on August 14, 2013

Today’s post is a special one with the wedding highlights from the pre-ceremony at San Jose el Viejo in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s a bit self indulgent, but it has to do with travelling and incorporating travel into one’s life … so I figured why not … the photography isn’t half bad either.

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